I will not lose because you can not win….

I’m listening to the soundtrack to ‘The Last Five Years’ and there’s a line in the song ‘If I didn’t believe in you’ that goes:

“….No one can give you courage/No one can thicken your skin/I will not fail so you can be comfortable, (K)Cathy/I will not lose because you can not win…”

That last part though ‘I will not lose because you can not win’ doesn’t that sound like how life is sometimes? We find ourselves slipping in to a place of stagnation because we fear losing those we love because they can not get out of their own head.

Why should we do that? We want our loved ones to succeed and be risen up alongside us, don’t we? So we take a moment to look at ourselves, take stock, are we stuck while our loved ones are moving? Well get out of that mire you’re in by asking for help. It’s not holding our loved ones back if we make the effort to continue moving forward, changing our mental outlook about whatever hurdles we must step over.

It’s time we move out of our own heads and move forward, and when our loved ones start to fall behind, we remind them they were there for us and we are there for them.

This is one of the true keys to success.

Look, mom! I have a unicorn!

Hardy-har-har, Universe! I get it, I have a unicorn! Thank you! Daily reminders aren’t always needed….or are they? I bet you’re wondering what the heck this is about? Well, what does a unicorn mean to you?

I’ve asked this question to multiple people, and it seems to come back to the same thing ‘Virtue’. Unicorns were said to approach maidens who were pure and true…does this mean that a unicorn was only going to fair maidens who were virgins? Personally me I have never bought in to that. Why would a unicorn choose only fair maidens who are pure and true? Surely your males and children all over would see them as well as they have to be pure and true at some point…right? I mean, we were all virgins at one point, why doesn’t everyone get to see a unicorn?

Well, the simple answer lies in the words ‘pure and true’, and how they link so deeply with those who are virtuous, genuine, loving, regardless of how torn and shredded their hearts are, they still love. Those are the ones the unicorns choose to appear to. Those who have seen hard times, who have felt deeply the woes that exist, but continue to rise above and share genuine love. It’s a reminder from the universe to not give up hope that this existence has to only be a negative/stressful/grinding experience.

But why those people? Why not everyone? Because not everyone has the courage nor the heart to feel deep in to the world that the unicorn exists in. You see, there is a kindred spirit with the unicorn for those that fight the darkness on a daily basis. And those people are becoming harder and harder to find. I look around me and I see such pain, and to disguise pain people are passing it to others, keeping it flowing. STOP IT! If you hope to find your own ‘Virtue’ or your own unicorn, you must make amends with the hurt you have caused. Share your appreciation with those that are in need(here’s a little secret…everyone is in need of a compliment or something to help brighten their day…try looking at people in the eyes and smiling on the street, stop hiding!).

Alas, I digress. Where was I…?…Ah! Yes! Unicorns and virtue, right? Right! OK, so how do you work on getting your very own unicorn? Well, simply by willing to live to your truest. No more compromising day in and day out. That job you’re in isn’t making you happy? Find out what does, no matter how outrageous and do it! Relationship not working, talk to the other person without fear. But learn how to balance your emotions, your passions, your pain. And learn that judgment is no your to pass, but you are there to listen and provide safe space for others to release their darkness while you help chase it off with them, and provide them light. And finding solace in that act, that you have healed one for them to heal another and so on.

It’s not easy, its not meant to be easy, it’s meant to be something that sets a strong foundation within you so you can continue to help build a better tomorrow. These people I feel are truly the lucky ones. Especially if they learn how to push past the grief/pain/sorrow/woes and see them instead as wounds that need healing and have learned to apply medicine via humor.

Can you help a unicorn in any way? Yes! Love them, help heal them when they might be wounded(ask what they need/). Sometimes, all it takes is a close connection, a good movie and a nap…but it will be oh so much more. So I encourage you all to support your unicorns, because they will always support you.

So, to all of my fellow unicorns out there in the world, I wish you strength, love, and courage to continue shining bright, even in the darkest of nights. And to my non-unicorns, I wish you the courage and wisdom to know that you can be your own light, and it isn’t cool to try and trap your unicorn to a life they aren’t comfortable with. Unicorns were the first creatures to walk this planet, first to chase and overpower the dark, and first to recognize truth and virtue…..they can handle themselves in this world.

And remember, ‘Be beautiful, majestic, pure, but don’t forget you have a weapon of truth that can pierce deeper than any knife, and heal better than any medicine. And should you ever feel you have lost your way, just know you have the direction always gifted to you when you think of a unicorn….always go up and forward!’

Signing off,
The Ginger Unicorn

General readings

2:30 am, Fri 07/20/18. I lay awake in my bed with a lot going through my head.  I’ve been reading(cards) for a long time, March 2020 will be 30 yrs exactly that I have been doing what I do, and I all too often find people coming for a reading without any set intention, or a hidden intention that they attempt to hide from my sight. It doesn’t work very well for either party when this is the game played. Truly only one individual is coming out of this reading without issues..and it’s not the reader…

For me, when someone asks me for a ‘General Reading’, I immediately tell the client I don’t do those! It’s honestly too exhausting and the reader is going to leave with a ton of questions as I pull small amounts of info from everywhere….and it’s never enough info to give a complete story. Sorry, that’s just how my gifts work. You try having as much information flash past you and see if you can grasp it all..hehe

I also know that a lot of times for those that try to hide their true intention are almost always frightened of the actual answer….but that’s still a disservice to them. If the client isn’t prepared mentally and emotionally to receive an answer, it may not be the wisest to seek an oracle/reader. You have to be prepared internally to accept what it being gifted to you from the other side. So frequently a lot of things I see that cause discomfort and what not within the client is tied to the following:

  1. Relationship issues that may not want truth discovered.
  2. The client has done something foolish and they want to know the outcome, but have such intense anxiety that it’s ruling the space/energy of their life. If a mistake has been made, most good readers will be able to see a path for you that will have the least amount of consequence….trust your oracle choice.
  3. The client doesn’t trust themselves. I’m gonna be forward with you on this, it’s not the oracles right to cast any form of judgment upon you. If you feel something is happening in your life, ask about it, get the clarification. If it isn’t what you are supposing it to be, listen to the words gifted to you by the oracle/reader, and be open to accepting/hearing it. Leave the reading, mull it over in your head, and see it from a different perspective.

Many years ago, I read for this gentleman who wanted to know if his partner was cheating on him, after pulling a few cards it came out that he was the one cheating and his partner had been faithful. I told him the findings and he denied it all. Saying he hadn’t cheated, etc. I explained to him that my cards don’t make things up, this is what I see. I later found out he had been discussing the situation with someone I knew and he was blown away how I knew that. Turns out I was correct and he was seeking a reason to leave his partner….*

I’m oft time humored by others that have money to burn and come in hoping to mess with me by feeding me lies, and the cards correct the situation for me…those who have had readings with me will recall that I don’t put up with anyones B.S., you can tell all the lies you desire, I will get to the truth and only the client will have any sort of negativity about the reading….AKA, time’s been wasted on their end…

I pose a question to clients ‘Why? Why would someone come to a reader without an intention?’ Don’t waste your time nor your money just to have someone to talk to. We aren’t therapists(contrary to how I treat my sessions). We(Oracles/Readers) are here to act as a bridge between one realm to the next. Don’t flipping waste it! Ask questions. Be raw. Be curious. Be real. Most of us(oracles/readers) keep things in confidence and we don’t discuss out clients in depth with anyone, so don’t worry about anyone else finding out about the reading from us.

So, in closing, I highly recommend to no longer use the statement “Just give me a general reading”….it’s really a pain on both ends. Come prepared with something to discuss, keep it short and simple, and hear the reader out. You may not know what’s really happening behind the scenes to your life….but we oracles/readers have access to that information….

I hope you the reader have gotten something out of this post. Feel free to message me with any questions you might have.

Thanks for reading.

*story slightly altered to keep clients anonymity

Feed your Head…

Summer is truly upon the whole of the Northern Hemisphere and we are feeling it! Heat so hot it feels like a dragon is blowing on your neck. And in these days of mad heat, I recall a line from William Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ spoken by Benevelo:

“…these hot days, is the mad blood stirring.”

I am out in the city I live in daily and I have noticed many actions of anger rising within people. This heat bringing out the madness that lies buried normally behind civility. Frequent shouting, punches pulled, etc. It is the beast within us that lies buried, clawing its way to the forefront of our lives. Becoming difficult to keep it restrained. Most clients I have been reading for this last month seem to hold a particular card in common, the card comes from the Soul Cards by Deborah Koff-Chapin.


This card speaks to me that there are underlaying expressions within us that will be making its way outwards however it can. In most cases that I have been seeing, its been anger. Whether the anger is coming from them, or towards them it still speaks of anger in these cases.

Where does the anger come from? How do I avoid it? Can I stop the anger from coming out in me?

Great questions!! Lets break them down together, shall we?

Where does anger come from? Well, some say it comes from past wounds one feels within their current lifetime, or previous ones. Others say its anger that is based down within the blood from the ancestors. Some say its collected throughout our life, absorbed from others. What do I think? All can be true, and still more outside of these options.

I believe that we carry around all the suppressed emotions and they become fetid within us, both good and bad emotions, and on days that the heat rises and boils within us they come to the surface screaming and demanding with obey.

How do I avoid it? You can always lock yourself in a cave and not come out while the heat is on…but if you’re not in to extreme, you could always learn how to live in the moment, breathe while counting to 10 and learning to say “I’m sorry”. It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about starting the healing process within yourself. First step to releasing the anger via a healthy outlet. 

How can I stop the anger from coming out in me? Hmmm…that’s a more difficult question as we are all different and we all have various ways of healing ourselves. Some steps I have taken in the past have been turning to herbs that have a more compassionate approach to working with humans (I’ll add a list at the end for those who are curious), taking some serious internal vision quests (which were very difficult), and then I turned to writing things out once again, purging myself of the emotions/pain I had been holding on to for so long. It has helped in unexpected ways. 

I feel as though I may have rambled on in regards to my original thought, which is this “Why am I feeling so much anger?” Well, it boils down to working out your past. Healing from that which angers you will decrease or prevent this from happening again. As promised, here are the herbs that I found to help me:

Holy Basil(Tulsi)
Kava-Kava (once every few weeks or when I needed a boost of confidence)

I have found these herbs (they work, regardless of how you intake them; Tincture, pill, tea).

Don’t allow these mad days make you mad. Stay strong, don’t allow for your spirits to be polluted with this maddening heat.



What to expect when you come for a reading with me

I would like, mmm, if I may, take a moment to explain me and my readings…

I have been a reader since I was 6 y/o. I started reading with a set of playing cards. This style of reading is called 'cartomancy'. It has been seen in movies and described in books when someone comes across a Romani or "Gypsy*" fortune teller. I naturally came across the information as a deck of playing cards appeared where usually there are none. I opened the deck and suddenly felt this odd sensation running across my body. As I flipped the cards over I felt meanings come across me, very much like a lightbulb came on over my head in an 'ah-ha' moment.

As time moved on, I was able to feel the cards and information without actually having to turn them over. I began to feel more than just knowledge coming from the cards, but from life itself. Growing up in an area where there were still plenty of trees to sit down and commune with, it helped me to open up even further.

With that all said, I am more open, and see much more than I usually want to. However, because life has that tricky habit of making us all human, and as such we are prone to do what we want to do instead of listening to universal knowledge. I see this frequently in people who love to put up a fight with themselves more than they enjoy fighting others. When I give you a reading, I see multiple paths laid out before you, I give you the path that you would most likely walk down.

I am not a person that will let you hide nor lie to yourself. You've come to a universal translator, what do you expect to get out of lying to yourself or me? Haha!

I am a very blunt, honest, and genuine type of a reader. I will not hide things from you unless it is necessary(such as the exact feeling you will experience when you get that unexpected promotion or new job….that's something I see and feel, but if I tell you then it becomes that self fulfilled prophecy.

My readings help when:
• You are stuck with multiple paths before you, and you have found it difficult to properly identify the correct pathway for you.
• You find your life 'stuck' or not feeling correct.
• Come across an anniversary, birth, work, relationship and want to see how the next year will play out.
• Want deeper insight in to a particular discussion or event that happened in your life.
• Have multiple job offers in front of you, and you want to know how they will play out.
• Dating multiple people and curious who meshes with you best.
• Picking a travel destination and cant figure out which place to go to.
• You are simply lost in what you are doing it's your life.
• Etc.

There are many reasons to come to me, but do know that if you say the words "Give me a general reading" without a jumping point, I will spend time educating you on how bothersome that phrase is not only to me, but to all readers out there. You will get a reading, but it will be a lot of things from many areas, none that might make sense as the information flow is going too fast to gather proper information.

You don't need to have a question, but having a direction is very beneficial.

I hope this helps to explain what to expect when you come to me for a reading.

And with that said, I hope to see you for a reading soon.

*"Gypsy", though the most common term used for such group, is a derogatory word and should not be used. It is used here in this context as a means to identify where one might have come across such a style of reading.

Love is in the air…or is it?

Lately I have been doing nothing but readings regarding ‘Love’. I’ve never been a fan reading for someone regarding this subject. I always feign “…it’s not a strong suit of mine…” but if I’m being honest with you, I just don’t think figuring out your love life is truly worth asking the other side about unless everything else in your life is on point.

When you come to me for a reading about love, you will more than likely get a reading in regards to what is preventing love. Could it be old habits that you have yet to identify? Or possibly you refuse to acknowledge? Maybe you find yourself dating the same personality over and over again. One way or another, if you’re not finding love, there is a reason…and I find it’s rarely ever the reason we normally look at.

When coming to me for such a reading, be prepared for a specific set of questions. These questions are essential to help create the best reading for you. The following are the ones most likely you’ll get from me:

  1. Are you in a relationship currently?
  2. If so, do you and your significant other have an open dialogue? Do you openly discuss your relationship with one another, before seeking outside advice?
  3. Have you taken all measurements to ensure that neither of you acquire a wandering eye?
  4. How much do you honestly trust and love yourself?

Why do I ask that final question? We all too often forget to love ourselves, and remember how essential it is to recognize what love feels like from another. RuPaul says it best If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?’ All too often what we seek is companionship, and all too often we don’t get to know the other person(s) we are seeking it from. Following that pathway is certain to end with heartache. Heartache leads you to me, or other such readers.

I’m not a man who will tell you what you want to hear. I’m a man that will tell you what you need to hear. I don’t mean to make you cry, I don’t mean to cause offense, I do however mean to bring you into a place of greater acceptance within yourself and for yourself. My end game is to help you find the right partner-in-crime to move through life with that both of you lift one another up and keep the darkness of the world at bay.

In conclusion, be prepared should you come to me with questions regarding ‘love’, I am honest and I will not lie nor mislead you.

The Star Tarot

“Star light, star bright….”

How many times have we looked up at the night sky and said these words to no avail? How many times have we wished so hard that something would happen and…nothing?

Kind of a tease these wishes from our youth have been, huh? Well, here’s some GREAT news…when the star card appears it speaks of a wish to be fulfilled and granted from the Universe herself. And brings with it a great sense of hope and joy that remind us ‘Keep going, you’re doing SUCH a great job!!’…Kind of awesome, huh?

When The Star appears in a reading I can’t help but smile the biggest of smiles the moment I see it. In fact, my excitement usually becomes a little too much for me and it spills over in to my clients. It is one of those cards that feels like that friend you can go years without speaking to, you see one another and all there is is pure love and excitement.

When this card appears in a reading I give myself, it acts as a reminder that I’m on track. The Universe is guiding me on the correct path, regardless of what is happening around me. When I feel down, or as if the world is coming against me and the Star appears, it acts as a beacon, shining on the supporting cards to help me figure out what is really happening.

Sometimes the revelation can be quite harsh, like a strong slap across ones face, and the Star is there to caress that slap and heal it with her waters. She’ll whisper to anyone who takes a moment to be silent ‘You are such a wonderful child. Continue your work. I’m here with you.’

When she is there to grant you your wish, you must remember that it is a no-strings attached wish. And the only caveat is it has to be a wish from your heart. A true wish, as I call it. You do not have to think about it, ask for it, or make these huge lists beating yourself up on “Do I ask for something selfish? Charitable? Money? Health?”–she takes care of it. She knows where your heart lies and she does not judge you for that; she is there to grant what is truly there.

Me oh my, I’ve gotten in to the ‘Most Exciting’ parts of this card, and I’ve forgotten to give you the back story.

In this card we see a bare-breasted woman pouring water from two seemingly endless jars. She is unashamed of being naked, and she is not at all concerned about running out of water. These are two aspects of the Aquarius sign. We (yes I’m an Aquarian) are a little (a lot?) relaxed with our nudity when we are comfortable. Doesn’t matter our body shape, we usually love our vessel (body) just as it is.

The pouring of the water is in representing the freedom of knowledge for all. We want to share (pour out?) our knowledge to anyone and everyone….sometimes whether you want it or not. I think it also makes us babble a lot as well since we are the water bearers, heehee.

The Star calls for us to remember that no matter what harsh turn life hands us, it is temporary and the Universe has not stopped looking out for us. She loves us and wants you to know you are not forsaken and your trials will pan out for the better. Keep going.

If you seek further insight in to this card, and how it might apply to you, come see me and I’d love to share her thoughts to you.

Happy wishing!