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2:30 am, Fri 07/20/18. I lay awake in my bed with a lot going through my head.  I’ve been reading(cards) for a long time, March 2020 will be 30 yrs exactly that I have been doing what I do, and I all too often find people coming for a reading without any set intention, or a hidden intention that they attempt to hide from my sight. It doesn’t work very well for either party when this is the game played. Truly only one individual is coming out of this reading without issues..and it’s not the reader…

For me, when someone asks me for a ‘General Reading’, I immediately tell the client I don’t do those! It’s honestly too exhausting and the reader is going to leave with a ton of questions as I pull small amounts of info from everywhere….and it’s never enough info to give a complete story. Sorry, that’s just how my gifts work. You try having as much information flash past you and see if you can grasp it all..hehe

I also know that a lot of times for those that try to hide their true intention are almost always frightened of the actual answer….but that’s still a disservice to them. If the client isn’t prepared mentally and emotionally to receive an answer, it may not be the wisest to seek an oracle/reader. You have to be prepared internally to accept what it being gifted to you from the other side. So frequently a lot of things I see that cause discomfort and what not within the client is tied to the following:

  1. Relationship issues that may not want truth discovered.
  2. The client has done something foolish and they want to know the outcome, but have such intense anxiety that it’s ruling the space/energy of their life. If a mistake has been made, most good readers will be able to see a path for you that will have the least amount of consequence….trust your oracle choice.
  3. The client doesn’t trust themselves. I’m gonna be forward with you on this, it’s not the oracles right to cast any form of judgment upon you. If you feel something is happening in your life, ask about it, get the clarification. If it isn’t what you are supposing it to be, listen to the words gifted to you by the oracle/reader, and be open to accepting/hearing it. Leave the reading, mull it over in your head, and see it from a different perspective.

Many years ago, I read for this gentleman who wanted to know if his partner was cheating on him, after pulling a few cards it came out that he was the one cheating and his partner had been faithful. I told him the findings and he denied it all. Saying he hadn’t cheated, etc. I explained to him that my cards don’t make things up, this is what I see. I later found out he had been discussing the situation with someone I knew and he was blown away how I knew that. Turns out I was correct and he was seeking a reason to leave his partner….*

I’m oft time humored by others that have money to burn and come in hoping to mess with me by feeding me lies, and the cards correct the situation for me…those who have had readings with me will recall that I don’t put up with anyones B.S., you can tell all the lies you desire, I will get to the truth and only the client will have any sort of negativity about the reading….AKA, time’s been wasted on their end…

I pose a question to clients ‘Why? Why would someone come to a reader without an intention?’ Don’t waste your time nor your money just to have someone to talk to. We aren’t therapists(contrary to how I treat my sessions). We(Oracles/Readers) are here to act as a bridge between one realm to the next. Don’t flipping waste it! Ask questions. Be raw. Be curious. Be real. Most of us(oracles/readers) keep things in confidence and we don’t discuss out clients in depth with anyone, so don’t worry about anyone else finding out about the reading from us.

So, in closing, I highly recommend to no longer use the statement “Just give me a general reading”….it’s really a pain on both ends. Come prepared with something to discuss, keep it short and simple, and hear the reader out. You may not know what’s really happening behind the scenes to your life….but we oracles/readers have access to that information….

I hope you the reader have gotten something out of this post. Feel free to message me with any questions you might have.

Thanks for reading.

*story slightly altered to keep clients anonymity

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