Feed your Head…

Summer is truly upon the whole of the Northern Hemisphere and we are feeling it! Heat so hot it feels like a dragon is blowing on your neck. And in these days of mad heat, I recall a line from William Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ spoken by Benevelo:

“…these hot days, is the mad blood stirring.”

I am out in the city I live in daily and I have noticed many actions of anger rising within people. This heat bringing out the madness that lies buried normally behind civility. Frequent shouting, punches pulled, etc. It is the beast within us that lies buried, clawing its way to the forefront of our lives. Becoming difficult to keep it restrained. Most clients I have been reading for this last month seem to hold a particular card in common, the card comes from the Soul Cards by Deborah Koff-Chapin.


This card speaks to me that there are underlaying expressions within us that will be making its way outwards however it can. In most cases that I have been seeing, its been anger. Whether the anger is coming from them, or towards them it still speaks of anger in these cases.

Where does the anger come from? How do I avoid it? Can I stop the anger from coming out in me?

Great questions!! Lets break them down together, shall we?

Where does anger come from? Well, some say it comes from past wounds one feels within their current lifetime, or previous ones. Others say its anger that is based down within the blood from the ancestors. Some say its collected throughout our life, absorbed from others. What do I think? All can be true, and still more outside of these options.

I believe that we carry around all the suppressed emotions and they become fetid within us, both good and bad emotions, and on days that the heat rises and boils within us they come to the surface screaming and demanding with obey.

How do I avoid it? You can always lock yourself in a cave and not come out while the heat is on…but if you’re not in to extreme, you could always learn how to live in the moment, breathe while counting to 10 and learning to say “I’m sorry”. It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about starting the healing process within yourself. First step to releasing the anger via a healthy outlet. 

How can I stop the anger from coming out in me? Hmmm…that’s a more difficult question as we are all different and we all have various ways of healing ourselves. Some steps I have taken in the past have been turning to herbs that have a more compassionate approach to working with humans (I’ll add a list at the end for those who are curious), taking some serious internal vision quests (which were very difficult), and then I turned to writing things out once again, purging myself of the emotions/pain I had been holding on to for so long. It has helped in unexpected ways. 

I feel as though I may have rambled on in regards to my original thought, which is this “Why am I feeling so much anger?” Well, it boils down to working out your past. Healing from that which angers you will decrease or prevent this from happening again. As promised, here are the herbs that I found to help me:

Holy Basil(Tulsi)
Kava-Kava (once every few weeks or when I needed a boost of confidence)

I have found these herbs (they work, regardless of how you intake them; Tincture, pill, tea).

Don’t allow these mad days make you mad. Stay strong, don’t allow for your spirits to be polluted with this maddening heat.



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