What to expect when you come for a reading with me

I would like, mmm, if I may, take a moment to explain me and my readings…

I have been a reader since I was 6 y/o. I started reading with a set of playing cards. This style of reading is called 'cartomancy'. It has been seen in movies and described in books when someone comes across a Romani or "Gypsy*" fortune teller. I naturally came across the information as a deck of playing cards appeared where usually there are none. I opened the deck and suddenly felt this odd sensation running across my body. As I flipped the cards over I felt meanings come across me, very much like a lightbulb came on over my head in an 'ah-ha' moment.

As time moved on, I was able to feel the cards and information without actually having to turn them over. I began to feel more than just knowledge coming from the cards, but from life itself. Growing up in an area where there were still plenty of trees to sit down and commune with, it helped me to open up even further.

With that all said, I am more open, and see much more than I usually want to. However, because life has that tricky habit of making us all human, and as such we are prone to do what we want to do instead of listening to universal knowledge. I see this frequently in people who love to put up a fight with themselves more than they enjoy fighting others. When I give you a reading, I see multiple paths laid out before you, I give you the path that you would most likely walk down.

I am not a person that will let you hide nor lie to yourself. You've come to a universal translator, what do you expect to get out of lying to yourself or me? Haha!

I am a very blunt, honest, and genuine type of a reader. I will not hide things from you unless it is necessary(such as the exact feeling you will experience when you get that unexpected promotion or new job….that's something I see and feel, but if I tell you then it becomes that self fulfilled prophecy.

My readings help when:
• You are stuck with multiple paths before you, and you have found it difficult to properly identify the correct pathway for you.
• You find your life 'stuck' or not feeling correct.
• Come across an anniversary, birth, work, relationship and want to see how the next year will play out.
• Want deeper insight in to a particular discussion or event that happened in your life.
• Have multiple job offers in front of you, and you want to know how they will play out.
• Dating multiple people and curious who meshes with you best.
• Picking a travel destination and cant figure out which place to go to.
• You are simply lost in what you are doing it's your life.
• Etc.

There are many reasons to come to me, but do know that if you say the words "Give me a general reading" without a jumping point, I will spend time educating you on how bothersome that phrase is not only to me, but to all readers out there. You will get a reading, but it will be a lot of things from many areas, none that might make sense as the information flow is going too fast to gather proper information.

You don't need to have a question, but having a direction is very beneficial.

I hope this helps to explain what to expect when you come to me for a reading.

And with that said, I hope to see you for a reading soon.

*"Gypsy", though the most common term used for such group, is a derogatory word and should not be used. It is used here in this context as a means to identify where one might have come across such a style of reading.

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