Here I am hoping to accomplish an exchange of knowledge from the Universe to you. I will use meditation, tarot cards, insight from the Universe, Divination via the elements and…once in awhile….mediumship. Let’s work together on this and grow a healthy consciousness for this world again.


  • “I had a number of tarot readings and Branden is the best. He is yet to be wrong (I had at least 15 readings with him), he nails it every time and brings all the valuable messages of the universe and other realms to me in the form that I will understand. What I also like about him, he is very professional and yet very understanding, there is a sense of trust and comfort with him that I don’t think a lot of psychics project.”

    Kiana B.

  • “Branden immediately put me at ease and he exuded a bright friendliness, making our communication very easy and comfortable. He was quick to offer deep insight into exactly what I needed to in order to instantly improve my spiritual journey. After showing me a very favorable prognosis for my own joy and satisfaction in life, he told me with authority that I was using the “wrong tarot deck.” I stumbled on this for a moment, but realized that he was totally right because I had been actually using a borrowed deck for the last year. He described the kind of connection that I should be feeling with a deck that is right for me and I was inspired to follow his advice and buy a new deck that day. I have been working with my new deck for a few days now and I am so grateful to Branden for being so spot on with his advice. His simple urging has made a huge difference in the quality of my self understanding and ability to read for others. Branden is an awesome reader and I highly recommend him, especially if you’re looking for someone who will undoubtedly impart a very cheerful and kind demeanor. Go see Branden!”

    ‎Aeolian H.