Look, mom! I have a unicorn!

Hardy-har-har, Universe! I get it, I have a unicorn! Thank you! Daily reminders aren’t always needed….or are they? I bet you’re wondering what the heck this is about? Well, what does a unicorn mean to you?

I’ve asked this question to multiple people, and it seems to come back to the same thing ‘Virtue’. Unicorns were said to approach maidens who were pure and true…does this mean that a unicorn was only going to fair maidens who were virgins? Personally me I have never bought in to that. Why would a unicorn choose only fair maidens who are pure and true? Surely your males and children all over would see them as well as they have to be pure and true at some point…right? I mean, we were all virgins at one point, why doesn’t everyone get to see a unicorn?

Well, the simple answer lies in the words ‘pure and true’, and how they link so deeply with those who are virtuous, genuine, loving, regardless of how torn and shredded their hearts are, they still love. Those are the ones the unicorns choose to appear to. Those who have seen hard times, who have felt deeply the woes that exist, but continue to rise above and share genuine love. It’s a reminder from the universe to not give up hope that this existence has to only be a negative/stressful/grinding experience.

But why those people? Why not everyone? Because not everyone has the courage nor the heart to feel deep in to the world that the unicorn exists in. You see, there is a kindred spirit with the unicorn for those that fight the darkness on a daily basis. And those people are becoming harder and harder to find. I look around me and I see such pain, and to disguise pain people are passing it to others, keeping it flowing. STOP IT! If you hope to find your own ‘Virtue’ or your own unicorn, you must make amends with the hurt you have caused. Share your appreciation with those that are in need(here’s a little secret…everyone is in need of a compliment or something to help brighten their day…try looking at people in the eyes and smiling on the street, stop hiding!).

Alas, I digress. Where was I…?…Ah! Yes! Unicorns and virtue, right? Right! OK, so how do you work on getting your very own unicorn? Well, simply by willing to live to your truest. No more compromising day in and day out. That job you’re in isn’t making you happy? Find out what does, no matter how outrageous and do it! Relationship not working, talk to the other person without fear. But learn how to balance your emotions, your passions, your pain. And learn that judgment is no your to pass, but you are there to listen and provide safe space for others to release their darkness while you help chase it off with them, and provide them light. And finding solace in that act, that you have healed one for them to heal another and so on.

It’s not easy, its not meant to be easy, it’s meant to be something that sets a strong foundation within you so you can continue to help build a better tomorrow. These people I feel are truly the lucky ones. Especially if they learn how to push past the grief/pain/sorrow/woes and see them instead as wounds that need healing and have learned to apply medicine via humor.

Can you help a unicorn in any way? Yes! Love them, help heal them when they might be wounded(ask what they need/). Sometimes, all it takes is a close connection, a good movie and a nap…but it will be oh so much more. So I encourage you all to support your unicorns, because they will always support you.

So, to all of my fellow unicorns out there in the world, I wish you strength, love, and courage to continue shining bright, even in the darkest of nights. And to my non-unicorns, I wish you the courage and wisdom to know that you can be your own light, and it isn’t cool to try and trap your unicorn to a life they aren’t comfortable with. Unicorns were the first creatures to walk this planet, first to chase and overpower the dark, and first to recognize truth and virtue…..they can handle themselves in this world.

And remember, ‘Be beautiful, majestic, pure, but don’t forget you have a weapon of truth that can pierce deeper than any knife, and heal better than any medicine. And should you ever feel you have lost your way, just know you have the direction always gifted to you when you think of a unicorn….always go up and forward!’

Signing off,
The Ginger Unicorn

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