I will not lose because you can not win….

I’m listening to the soundtrack to ‘The Last Five Years’ and there’s a line in the song ‘If I didn’t believe in you’ that goes:

“….No one can give you courage/No one can thicken your skin/I will not fail so you can be comfortable, (K)Cathy/I will not lose because you can not win…”

That last part though ‘I will not lose because you can not win’ doesn’t that sound like how life is sometimes? We find ourselves slipping in to a place of stagnation because we fear losing those we love because they can not get out of their own head.

Why should we do that? We want our loved ones to succeed and be risen up alongside us, don’t we? So we take a moment to look at ourselves, take stock, are we stuck while our loved ones are moving? Well get out of that mire you’re in by asking for help. It’s not holding our loved ones back if we make the effort to continue moving forward, changing our mental outlook about whatever hurdles we must step over.

It’s time we move out of our own heads and move forward, and when our loved ones start to fall behind, we remind them they were there for us and we are there for them.

This is one of the true keys to success.

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