The Star Tarot

“Star light, star bright….”

How many times have we looked up at the night sky and said these words to no avail? How many times have we wished so hard that something would happen and…nothing?

Kind of a tease these wishes from our youth have been, huh? Well, here’s some GREAT news…when the star card appears it speaks of a wish to be fulfilled and granted from the Universe herself. And brings with it a great sense of hope and joy that remind us ‘Keep going, you’re doing SUCH a great job!!’…Kind of awesome, huh?

When The Star appears in a reading I can’t help but smile the biggest of smiles the moment I see it. In fact, my excitement usually becomes a little too much for me and it spills over in to my clients. It is one of those cards that feels like that friend you can go years without speaking to, you see one another and all there is is pure love and excitement.

When this card appears in a reading I give myself, it acts as a reminder that I’m on track. The Universe is guiding me on the correct path, regardless of what is happening around me. When I feel down, or as if the world is coming against me and the Star appears, it acts as a beacon, shining on the supporting cards to help me figure out what is really happening.

Sometimes the revelation can be quite harsh, like a strong slap across ones face, and the Star is there to caress that slap and heal it with her waters. She’ll whisper to anyone who takes a moment to be silent ‘You are such a wonderful child. Continue your work. I’m here with you.’

When she is there to grant you your wish, you must remember that it is a no-strings attached wish. And the only caveat is it has to be a wish from your heart. A true wish, as I call it. You do not have to think about it, ask for it, or make these huge lists beating yourself up on “Do I ask for something selfish? Charitable? Money? Health?”–she takes care of it. She knows where your heart lies and she does not judge you for that; she is there to grant what is truly there.

Me oh my, I’ve gotten in to the ‘Most Exciting’ parts of this card, and I’ve forgotten to give you the back story.

In this card we see a bare-breasted woman pouring water from two seemingly endless jars. She is unashamed of being naked, and she is not at all concerned about running out of water. These are two aspects of the Aquarius sign. We (yes I’m an Aquarian) are a little (a lot?) relaxed with our nudity when we are comfortable. Doesn’t matter our body shape, we usually love our vessel (body) just as it is.

The pouring of the water is in representing the freedom of knowledge for all. We want to share (pour out?) our knowledge to anyone and everyone….sometimes whether you want it or not. I think it also makes us babble a lot as well since we are the water bearers, heehee.

The Star calls for us to remember that no matter what harsh turn life hands us, it is temporary and the Universe has not stopped looking out for us. She loves us and wants you to know you are not forsaken and your trials will pan out for the better. Keep going.

If you seek further insight in to this card, and how it might apply to you, come see me and I’d love to share her thoughts to you.

Happy wishing!

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